Strength/Resilience Mandala Meaning

The following flowers contribute meaning and power to this Mandala:

Carnation - This flower carries the energies of heartiness and strength.  These affect human energy fields, making them stronger and increasing health and wellness.

White Clover - Gives the ability to balance strength with gentleness.  Assists us to speak our truth while still honoring other people's truths. Especially helpful for those who don't think their own needs matter, or for those who get their needs met through force.

Geranium - Full of positive, potent life-force energy. This energy is both grounding and high vibration.  Infuses the human energy field with strength, courage and resilience.

Lantana - A rather in-your-face energy which shows us what we refuse to see, so that it may be dealt with and released. This gets stuck energy moving. The resultant strong, vibrant energy strengthens our boundaries and renders us not afraid to speak our truth.

Oleander - Particularly helpful to those who are extremely sensitive, it boosts courage and resilience to combat feelings of vulnerability. Has a no-nonsense, don't-mess-with-me energy.

Sunflower - Summons the power of the Sun. A blazing energy that nurtures and sustains. Lets us know it is natural and necessary for us to shine our own special light into the world.