My name is Elise.  

Welcome to The Raven's Mark - Art for Sacred Spaces. This is my enchanted realm of mystical and healing art, crafted to be a meditative focus, spiritual tool, altar enhancement, or an energy piece for magical workings.  My greatest wish is that every person who is searching finds a piece that is deeply symbolic and resonates with their individual spiritual practice.

My art features elements that are deeply symbolic and call upon the healing power of nature to infuse peace and calm into any environment.  These elements include:

  • Sacred Symbols: Infused with ancient, esoteric symbols to channel divine energies and unlock the mysteries of the universe.
  • Mystical Imagery: Visionary landscapes and otherworldly beings that resonate with the soul, fostering deep spiritual connection.
  • Elemental Harmony: Artworks that balance the elements—earth, water, fire, air, and spirit—bringing harmony and peace into your space.
  • Luminous Energies: Vibrant colors and ethereal light that uplift your spirit and illuminate your path to inner wisdom.


Each piece is consciously created with intention, ritualistic precision and a touch of magic.  They are perfect for:

  • Meditation Focus: to enhance your practice with art that anchors your mind, calms your spirit and deepens your meditative state.
  • Magic Rituals: to empower your magical workings with art that amplifies your intentions and connects you to the Divine.
  • Sacred Spaces: To transform your home, altar, or sanctuary with art that radiates sacred energies and invites tranquility.


The themes of my art are chosen for their ability to connect the spiritual practitioner with the Divine, the natural world, or the inner self, and to serve as a conduit for spiritual energy. The key is to select art that speaks to you personally and aligns with your spiritual path and intentions. Remember, the most powerful art in a sacred space is that which resonates with your own energy and soul.

I love to talk about what I do, so feel free to chat with me via email at info@theravensmark.com, or join me for my Wednesday night Lives at 8:00 Eastern on Facebook at www.facebook.com/theravensmark, where you can ask questions and get answers right there!