Q.  What is Pyrography?

A.  Pyrography is a very old art form that involves making marks on wood (or other organic surfaces) with high heat.  The first pyrography artists used pokers that were heated in fire.  Most modern pyrographers use electric burners intended for the purpose.  Different tips used with the burners allow for different thickness and texture of strokes.

Q.  What kinds of woods do you burn on?

A.  I can technically burn on any type of wood, or other organic surfaces such as leather, cotton, cork or gourds.  However, some woods are better than others.  Pine is not a good choice because the grain is too inconsistent.  Some of my favorites are basswood, birch, beech, cherry and maple.  

Q.  Do you do custom art?

A.  The short answer to that is; sort of.  I only do art that depicts natural subjects.  I don't copy from photographs or pictures on the internet, nor do I do people.  However, if you wanted something with, say, a cardinal on it, I'd be happy to work with you.  A sketch would be provided for approval before invoicing.  Payment would be made before burning would begin.

I only accept two custom orders per month, and require 2-3 weeks for production.

If you'd like to discuss a customer order with me, please use the contact form and I will get right back to you.

Q.  I thought you sublimated your art onto keychains and stuff.  What's up with this pyrography thing?

A.  After a long struggle I decided to turn my attention to art that is completely handmade and not reproducible.  During and after the pandemic, a huge upsurge of people got into the sublimation market.  Added to that is the increase in the use of AI to create images that can be sold over and over and require absolutely no skill to produce.  I didn't want to be lumped into this very inauthentic way to sell "art."

My wood burned pieces are created completely by me.  My design, my energy, my skill with the wood burner.  I create art with the intention that it bring healing and peace to whoever views it.  Each piece is one of a kind and can not be repeated.  Even if I did the same image, it would come out looking different because of the nature of the medium.  I am much more content with this more organic process.

Q.  But I loved your Mandalas!!  Can I still buy them?

A.  You can buy all my flower energy designs as stickers/decals.  At this time I am still making them myself out of waterproof vinyl with a UV laminate on top.  Click here for stickers.

Q. I'm new here, what's a Mandala?

A.  My mandalas are symbols that represent a specific focus, such as an emotion, thought or idea.

When I begin to design a symbol, I first find all the flowers that have metaphysical properties that match the focus.  From that list of energetically compatible flowers, I select six that I feel will fit well together in a pattern.  Then comes placing the flowers in a mandala design. The finished design is then inked and colored.  At each step of the process, I maintain a high personal vibration (easy to do when you are doing something you love) and mindfully let healing energy flow through me and into my pen.  The energy stays with the art and can be easily accessed by anyone who interacts with the symbol.

Q.  Where do you ship?

A.  Right now I ship to the continental US.

Q.  How long does it take you to ship?

A.  I do my best to get most packages shipped within 24 hours of the order Monday - Friday, 9-5.  If it will take longer I will let you know.