Happiness Mandala Meaning

The following flowers contribute meaning and power to this Mandala:

Chamomile - Soothing, cooling, balancing energy. Gentle positivity and sunshiny perspective, turns the tide on negativity and harshness. Aligns with ideal energetic flow.

Crocus - Has a cool and peaceful vibration, soothing energy and happy disposition. Associated with dawn and the first hint of spring.  Promises new beginnings and the end of a long, dark night.

Dandelion - Symbol of cosmic harmony. In yellow phase aligned with Sun, Fire and Earth.  In white phase aligned with Moon, Water and Air. Embodies the energy of pure happiness, joy and summertime.

Marigold - Vibrational wisdom teaches of the enduring nature of our souls, the vibrant aliveness of our bodies, and life's inevitable continuity.  Injects a boost of vitality, hope and awareness of our eternal nature.

Morning Glory - Helps us open to the magic of life.  Awakens our natural divinity and brings nourishment and balance to the soul.  Reminds us that all that matters is love, and all that is real is this moment.

Sunflower - Alignment with the sun and solar energy helps activate feelings of happiness, expansion, energy, vitality and joy. Helps us shine our light out into the world for others to see and enjoy.