Success Mandala Meaning

The following flowers contribute meaning and power to this Mandala:

Camellia -  Increases mental and physical energy, encourages trusting self which allows effective life decisions.

Echinacea - Emphasizes helpful energies and conditions, helps return to a simpler and more grounded life, helps to approach our work joyfully and whole heartedly.

Forget Me Not - Infuses the mind with freshness and calm, helps with sustained attention and focus, organization and efficiency.

Freesia - Helps clear mental fog, encourages positive change, removes blocks to allow energy to move in positive directions. Frees energy trapped in negative or challenging patterns and transmutes it into helpful patterns.

Oleander - Dismantles then transmutes what is no longer needed (or never needed to begin with) into bright, fiery, helpful energy to bring happiness, luck and success. Encourages carrying-on instead of giving up.

Water Lily - Highly nurturing - helps discover true desires and ideal direction. Allows creativity to flow freely which assists transmutation of challenges into positive action.