Protection Mandala Meaning

The following flowers contribute meaning and power to this Mandala:

African Daisy - Aligns us with the Divine, strengthens our energetic field, shores up magical power, confidence, healing abilities and awareness of the subtle realms.  Particularly helpful with fear of invisible forces beyond our awareness.

Chrysanthemum - Helps with fears and dangers related to the mysterious, dark or unknowable.  Guards against earthbound entities, psychic attack and invisible dangers. Helps with fear of the dark and prevents nightmares.

Clover - Helps align us with our natural state of positivity and perfection so that we have nothing to which negativity can stick.   When we vibrate with purity and positivity, we attract more of the same.

Heather - Helps with safe travel or traversing any situation.  Guards against violent crimes and attacks.

Masterwort - Blooms represent courage, strength, and protection.

Snapdragon - Has an energy that is protective, fiery and generally brimming with life-force.  Bright, positive, don't-mess-with-me energy.  Protects against negativity from both seen and unseen forces.