Prosperity Mandala Meaning

The following flowers contribute meaning and power to this Mandala:

Valerian - Helps get us into a receptive state and clears the way for blessings to flow, as wealth is our natural state.

Orchid - Replaces limiting beliefs and attitudes about wealth and luxury. Infuses us with a resplendent, affluent vibe and aligns us with our most ideal and luxurious life flow.

Hollyhock - Symbolize the circle of life, ambition, fertility and abundance. Helps to boost confidence and influence.

Peony - Symbol of prosperity, wealth and honor. Evokes feelings of luxury and comfort.

Hyacinth - On a vibrational level, reminds us that we are imminently deserving and helps us to receive prosperity and experience luxury as a matter of course.

Chamomile - Aligns us with our most ideal life flow, which always includes a generous supply of blessings.