Help for Anxiety Mandala Meaning

The following flowers contribute meaning and power to this Mandala:

Water Hyssop - Medicinally effective in decreasing stress and anxiety. Treats depression, insomnia and nervousness. Helps control blood pressure and protects the heart, which are negatively impacted by anxiety.

Peppermint - Medicinally soothes and relaxes tense muscles, especially of the stomach. Effective remedy for tension headaches. Relieves mental and emotional fatigue.

Allysum - Has a strong, comforting energy that helps dispel the worry and fear that accompanies anxiety. Infuses gentleness into harsh or intensely negative environments. Assists with grounding on-edge and stressed-out feelings.

Impatiens - Reduces stress by balancing our life tempo between savoring the present moment and acting to get things done. Gives the perspective of time as infinite which reduces stress and brings peace. Reduces restlessness and feelings of hopelessness.

Lavender - Eliminates stress and enhances clarity of mind. Reduces the unreasonable chatter of worrisome thoughts. Extremely soothing and relaxing for nervous tension, insomnia, high blood pressure and heart palpitations which are all symptoms of anxiety.

Primrose - Holds the space for our emotions to be completely dealt with and released. Shines forth the promise of hope which vanquishes the darkness of despair. Very compassionate and sympathetic energy.